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2013 MLB Predictions

Now that the off season is coming to a close, it's finally time to predict some stuff. A ton of things happened this off season, and I think this will be a very interesting year. So without further ado, let's begin! *NOTE: Playoff teams are in bold*

AL East:
1. Toronto Blue Jays 
The Blue Jays made a bunch of signings over the off season and look better than any other team. The only thing that worries me is if they'll be like the Marlins, and just do nothing the entire year. I don't think they'll do that, however, this team looks way better than the Marlins did last year, and the only they don't make the playoffs is if they implode.

2. New York Yankees 
The Yankees didn't make any big signings this off season, but they were still good last year. For some reason people don't think they'll be very good next year, but I don't see any reason they won't. They may have a few injuries, but that's never stopped anyone before. New York won't win their division, but they'll still make the playoffs, which is good enough for most bandwagon fans, which the Yankees have a lot of. 

3. Baltimore Orioles 
It's not that the O's are gonna be bad this year, but everyone else is gonna be so good that there won't be any room for them in the playoffs. Not much happened over the off season in Baltimore, which isn't very good considering how they squeaked into the playoffs last year. I don't see anyway the Orioles get into the playoffs this year, unless they get a miracle of two. 

4. Tampa Bay Rays 
The Rays weren't that bad last year, but they weren't that good either. If anything they lost players over the off season, and don't look very good at all this year. They were really close to the playoffs last year, but close doesn't cut it. The Rays shouldn't be that bad, but they won't be anywhere near good either. 

5. Boston Red Sox
After a really bad season last year, The Red Sox did nothing over the off season and will do nothing this year. I don't know what happened to Boston, but it wasn't good, and the Red Sox have little to no chance of making the playoffs. There's not much to say about them, they're just bad. 

AL Central: 
1. Detroit Tigers
Even though they might have a bit of a World Series loser hangover, it won't last the entire year, and I don't think it will be a factor. As far as I know, nothing really changed over the off season in Detroit, which isn't that bad considering that they won the division last year. The fact the the Tigers play in a relatively weak division should help them. If all goes well in Detroit, they should win the division. 

2. Chicago White Sox
Chicago is another team that I haven't heard much about this off season. Not winning their division last year was pretty sad, considering how weak it is and how close they were. The White Sox might find a way, but I don't see it happening very soon. There's no reason for people to say the White Sox are completely irrelevant this year, I think they'll make it interesting, but something keeps telling me that they won't be able to pull it out.  

3. Kansas City Royals 
The Royals made a few good signings over the off season, but I don't think it'll be enough. It looks like all the AL Central teams will finish the season jumbled together, which could be good or bad. They've looked like they could be a break out team for the past few years, but I don't see it happening this year. Maybe next year. 

4. Cleveland Indians 
Expectations aren't very high in Cleveland, and the Indians might be the most painfully average team this year. They've made a few signings, but not enough to really matter. They're missing a few pieces, and until they get those pieces they won't be very good. The Indians are close to being good though, and I give them props for that, but until they are good, I can't consider them a playoff team. 

5. Minnesota Twins
The Twins will be in a rebuilding year in 2013. They'll probably play a bunch of young prospects, giving them experience. They will make moves for the future, and not worry about wins much. It will be a long year for Twins fans, but the future is bright in Minnesota. 

AL West:
1. Los Angeles Angels 
Last year was a disappointment for the Angels, they spent a bunch of money and it didn't really pay off. Signing Josh Hamilton was a really big move, and anything but a division championship is a disappointment for the Angels this year. Hamilton should have a good year, and I think Albert Pujols even does really good. All of this should give the Angels a division championship, but if it doesn't, I give them permission to completely dismantle their team. 

2. Oakland Athletics 
After somehow winning their division last year, the A's have finally escaped mediocrity and look to establish themselves as a power in the AL. Unfortunately, the Angels look really good, and will probably win the division. The A's have only made one move during the off season: acquiring Chris Young from the Diamondbacks. Pitching was key in the A's success last year, and if they can repeat said success they should be able to make the playoffs.

3. Texas Rangers
The Rangers may have lost Hamilton, but they should still be competitive. They have a lot of talent, and I don't think it'll be wasted. The AL West will be one of the strongest divisions in 2013, and the Rangers will be right in the thick of things. I think they'll come up just short short, but they'll still be very good.

4. Seattle Mariners
Their stronger minor league system developed some strong talent for them, but their still very young. The Mariners didn't make very many signings this off season, but that doesn't mean they're not a good team. They're a good team, but they're not ready to compete in the AL West yet.

5. Houston Astros
The Astros were awful last year, and will be in rebuilding mode this year. There is no reason to even consider this team as relevant, they will get completely dismantled in the AL. I don't think they could have picked a worse year to move to the AL. It's not their fault though, they're really young, and are making the best of a horrible situation. They rookies will mainly be learning this year, a year that could be the most painful in Astros history.

NL East:
1. Atlanta Braves
Losing David Ross and Martin Prado wasn't exactly what we wanted to do this off season, but signing the Upton brothers was. The Braves have one of if not the strongest out fields in baseball, not to mention good infielders like Freddie Freeman and Dan Uggla. The Braves also have really good pitching with Tim Hudson, Brandon Beachy, Kris Medlen, and Craig Kimbrel just to name a few. The Braves definitely had the best off season in the NL East.

2. Washington Nationals
The Nationals had the best record in the MLB last year, and look to repeat their success. Like the Braves, the Nationals have really good pitching. As far as I know, there's no innings limit on Strasburg, which should help them late in the season. Adding Denard Span puts the team in a strong position. It's to bad the Braves made so many moves over the off season, the Nationals could have repeated as division champions.

3. Philadelphia Phillies
The Phillies biggest strength is their pitching, which includes Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, and Cole Hammels. The Phillies made a late season push last year, and look to make a full season push this year. The two big question marks are in the out field, but even with those huge question marks, they should still be good this year.

4. Miami Marlins
For what seems like the millionth time in their franchise history, the Marlins have had a fire sale. But I still don't think the Marlins dumped enough of their salary over the off season. Everyone who didn't preform last season is seemingly gone, and more trades look like they're about to come. The Marlins will be rebuilding this year, and it's hard for me to see them being very successful.

5. New York Mets
Trading RA Dickey was a smart move for the future, but it kills the Mets' chances this year. The Mets have a horrible out field, with no solid players in it. The Mets will have a bunch of young players this year, so there will be a reason to watch them, but there's no reason to put them near the top of the division.

NL Central:
1. Cincinnati Reds
The Reds were really good last year, and after a disappointing end to their post season they look to repeat their success this year. They made a bunch of good signings this off season, and teams in the Central will once again be chasing them this year. The Reds may very well win the Central by a wide margin.

2. St. Louis Cardinals
The Cardinals have good pitching, but won't as good this year as they were last year. The Cards should be chasing a Wild Card spot all year, but chasing and winning are two different things. The Cards will be a team to look out for in 2013.

3. Pittsburgh Pirates
The Pirates are still chasing a winning season, and this might be the year they get it. Andrew McCutchen will lead the Pirates in 2013, and adding Russel Martin should help them with their offense. Pitching is still a question mark. The Pirates will finish right around .500, and if they don't capture a winning season they'll only have missed it by a few games.

4. Milwaukee Brewers
They Brewers are really good offensively, but pitching is another story. The Brew Crew still doesn't have an elite starter, and they're gonna need one to be a contender again. In fact, pitching is probably what will keep them out of the playoffs in 2013.

5. Chicago Cubs
The Cubs are at the point where they'll be good in the future, but they're not there yet. Chicago's gonna need a bunch of really good rookies to get MLB experience before they can ever get near that oh so needed World Series. The Cubs will be a little better than last year, but that's still not very good. Sorry Cubs fans, you'll have to wait another five or so years.

NL West:
1. San Francisco Giants
There's no chance the Giants will have a World Series hangover this year. They have arguably the best pitching in baseball, and their offense isn't that bad either. They may face some competition from the Dodgers, but they should still win the division.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers
The Dodgers made a bunch of signings and spent a bunch of money over the off season, and it still may not be enough. They probably won't win the west, but they'll still make the playoffs. Money can buy a championship, but it doesn't guarantee it. There's no way the Dodgers aren't competitive this year, whether they'll make the playoffs is questionable, but if they miss the playoffs it will be a massive disappointment.

3. Arizona Diamondbacks
On paper, the D-backs are pretty okay, but the Marlins were also really good on paper last year. Landing Martin Prado will help them because they're adding a utility player that they could really use. Losing Justin Upton is really bad though, and I don't think Prado or anyone else on their roster can replace him. The D-backs could be in contention next year or they could just as easily be horrible.

4. San Diego Padres
Moving their fences should be welcomed by every hitter that steps foot in PETCO, but the pitchers will hate it. The Padres offense could lead them to a decent record in 2013, but if any of their pitchers are bad team's will be hitting home runs off them like there's no tomorrow. On the other hand, the Padres do have a lot of options to turn to if their pitching struggles.

5. Colorado Rockies
Pitching was the Rockies' main problem in 2012, and it will continue to be this year. Colorado will be looking at the future this year and will likely make moves that will benefit them then. Unless they make a bunch of moves in a very short period, look for the Rockies to be rebuilding this year. 

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