Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ACC Football Week 7: theKING™'s Power Rankings

1. Virginia Tech Hokies (6-1)

Virginia Tech is always one of the best teams in the ACC, & they still are. At 6-1 they've only lost to Clemson, which isn't that bad. Since joining the ACC they've owned the coastal division, & this year they do.

2. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (6-1)

They're loss to un-ranked Virginia, cost them 1st place, had they won they'd be #1. Tech's triple option offense is very good. & will help them in the national rankings.

3. Clemson Tigers (6-0)

If you're wondering why Clemson's not #1, since they haven't lost, they're only #3 because the other 2 teams that challenge them have played more games. Had they played more they'd be #1.

4. N. Carolina Tar Heals (5-2)

At 5-2 UNC is doing just fine this year. Because of Virginia Tech & Clemson's complete ownage of their divisions, UNC will have to hope for a late season meltdown by Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, & Clemson. Otherwise, expect them to finish #5 in the ACC.

5. Virginia Cavaliers (4-2)

You guys Better be glad you beat GT, or you'd be tied with Wake Forest. Don't expect Virginia to stay the same or get better, they'll get worse. As much as I hate GT, I have to admit, that win was a fluke. It doesn't mean much. Expect Virginia to fall greatly.

6. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (4-2)

With a huge but expected loss to Virginia Tech, Wake Forest is going WAY downhill after this week. I expect them to be tied for DEAD LAST with Virginia in week 12

7. Florida State Seminoles (3-3)

They're not doing that bad, in fact I say they're doing VERY good. At 3-3 they've got the same record as most ACC teams. Expect them to win all the rest of their games, & finish #4.

8. Duke Blue Devils (3-3)

They would be tied with FSU, but they lost to them, putting them one rank below them. They're kinda good this year but not good enough, they're going 6-6 at best.

9. Miami Hurricanes (3-3)

They're only average, they're gonna, have a few wins, but don't expect much. Their skills will be tested when they play Florida State, I think they'll lose, but that's only because FSU is my favorite team.

10. N. Carolina State Wolfe Pack (3-3)

They're just like always, bad. I think they'll finish 3rd-to-last. They'll never be as good as UNC, but they might come close.

11. Maryland Terrapins (2-3)

They play just like their jerseys, bad, lol. Maybe they'll do something & they will, someday.

12. Boston College Eagles (1-5)

Without Matt Ryan they're bad. But, they won't be last, they'll be 2nd-to-last, Virginia & Wake forest will tie for last. Remember?

Thanks for reading, come back next Sunday for the week 8 power rankings!

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