Sunday, October 23, 2011

ACC Football Week 8: theKING™'s Power Rankings

1. Virginia Tech Hokies (7-1)
They're still playing great. With Georgia Tech's 2nd strait loss, Virginia Tech's 1st in the Coastal division. As long as the keep doing what they're doing they'll stay in 1st.

2. Clemson Tigers (8-0)
At 8-0 they're 1st in the Atlantic division, & unless they lose the next 4 games, they're going to the ACC Championship against Virginia Tech.

3. Florida State Seminoles (4-3)
With a HUGE win over Maryland they move up to 2-2 in ACC play, 4-3 over all, & 2nd only to Clemson in the Atlantic division. All of their remaining games are at home, except the Boston College game, & because the rarely lose at home, & because Boston college is so bad, they're gonna win the rest of their games, ALL of them.

4. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (6-2)
With 2 strait loses, their "power" is very low. They were doing so good, then the lost 1, tied with Virginia Tech, lost 2, behind them. They'll win all the rest of their games, but 1, against Georgia.

5. N. Carolina Tar Heals (5-3)
They haven't moved in the standings, at all. So far, my prediction that they would finish 5th is going great. They'll stay in 5th. Forever...

6. Wake Forrest Demon Deacons (5-2)
Their position didn't change either. Huh. Well, I guess when you play Duke you have to try to lose. Even though their position didn't change this week, it will next week, it'll go down.

7. Miami Hurricanes (4-3)
With their win over Georgia Tech they're getting ready to take over 2nd in the Coastal division. However, they'll be stopped by Florida State. So, they'll finish 3rd in their division.

8. N. Carolina State Wolfe Pack (4-3)
They're doing better, they moved up 2 spots from last week, but they're just making room for 2 teams to be tied for next-to-last: Virginia & Wake Forrest.

9. Virginia Cavaliers (4-3)
They dropped 4 big spots from last week, on their way to next-to-last. Right now they're not looking to good, they're still falling.

10. Duke Blue Devils (3-4)
Right now, you have to try to lose to Duke, 4 teams aren't trying. They better be glad they're good at basketball, because their football team is sludge.

11. Maryland Terrapins (2-5)
Well, their jerseys aren't making them bad, because their jerseys against Florida State were really cool. What I wanna know is, who'd they beat? Did the play the Stupid State Bad Players in week 1 & 2? They're gonna keep going down, down, down...

12. Boston College Eagles (1-6)
I've got one thing to say about them: they're never gonna win...ever.

Come back next Sunday for the week 9 power rankings!

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