Monday, October 24, 2011

Problems With Smogon's Pokemon Wi-fi Battling "Tiers"

Smogon's tiering system has never been the best, but we've dealt with it, however the recent bannings of Excadrill & Thundurus
have outraged the competitive community, & with good reason, Smogon's tiering system has never, & will never work, & they're a few reasons why:

1. A problem starting...

Towards the end of Gen 4, Smogon made the horrible decision to ban 2 totally OU Pokemon: Garchomp & Salamence, as soon as Garchomp & Salamence were banned, battlers should have left & went somewhere else, however, because Gen 4 was almost over, fans just waited for Gen 5 so they could start over. Little did they know that Gen 5 would be worse, banning garchomp, blaziken,
excadrill, thundurus, & much more, now that the 5th Gen has about 4-6 more years left, can we wait for Gen 6? The 2 main problems with that are: will there be a Gen 6, & that's too long. Right now there's nothing much we can do. Most battlers today don't even use their DS & a game, they just use the Pokemon Online simulator (PO) (I do,) if you play PO, my solution is play on the Pokemon Online (Beta) server, however, if you don't, keep reading.

2. Smogon's Approach...

Smogon's approach to tiering is a ban list: ubers, an uber cannot be used. Some ubers are obvious, like mewtwo,
but others, like balziken, are just stupid. In the past Smogon's found if a pokemon's uber or not by "testing" (mainly voting.) The way a pokemon gets recommend for testing is battlers complain that it's being used to much. Then, the people at Smogon, battle with it for a few days. Then, the people who work at Smogon vote a few times on it, & KA-POW! It's uber! These days, Smogon goes strait to voting, & if a pokemon goes to vote, it's always banned.

Explaining "Uber Mechanics:"

An uber mechanic is a vital piece of the uber metagame, most are pokemon. The most widely known non-pokemon uber mechanic is permaweather, or weather caused by drizzle, drought, snow warning, or sand stream (mostly drizzle & drought.)

However, permaweather isn't banned. Mainly because of it's high use & usefulness, though some people liked speed boost blaziken, the rest of the world decided to ban it (because un-widely used useful things usually are.) This brings me to my solution:

Uber Abilites:

The only way to un-ban uber things that are uber because of their abilities, is to ban thier abilities. If speed boost is banned blaziken would be un-banned, if sand rush was banned, excadrill is un-banned. However, in the case of permaweather teams, pokemon are used for their weather boosting abilities (swift swim, chlorophyll, sand rush, & snow cloak.) This brings the question: "Is permaweather broken, or the abilities they activate?" I'm gonna have to say keep pemaweather, & ban swift swim, chlorophyll, sand rush, & snow cloak. Because if you ban permaweather, people will use the weather inducing moves: rain dance, sunny day, sandstorm, &/or hail (weather inducing moves activate weather for 5 turns, while permaweather never goes away.) Then we'll have the same problem all over again. Permaweather isn't broken.


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