Sunday, October 30, 2011

ACC Football Week 9: theKING™'s Power Rankings

1. Virginia Tech Hokies (8-1)
They Just Barely got past Duke, but they did. They're closing in on a division title. They're getting closer, closer, closer. Can you feel it? I see an Orange Bowl win later this year.

2. Clemson Tigers (8-1)
Clemson needs to watch out. Because FSU's closing in on their division lead. If they lose every game after this, the the Noles take the division. Maybe they'll lose a few more. Please?

3. Florida State Seminoles (5-3)
Florida State took care of business at home against NC State, with Clemson's loss, they're slowly closing in on Clemson's division lead. Sorry, Florida State & Wake Forest, are closing in, but Wake Forrest just needs to lose one to get behind Florida State, while FSU's easy schedule will let them win the rest of their games. Florida State just needs to win one more to get a bowl berth, then their season's complete. Nole4Life.

4. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (7-2)
Tech must not hate me as much as I hate them, because they helped my Seminoles A LOT by taking down Clemson. Considering that Virginia Tech doesn't look like they're gonna lose anymore, & GT's gotta play Georgia, whose doing just as good as they are. Tech finishes 2nd in the Coastal division.

5. N. Carolina Tar Heals (6-3)
They're win over Wake Forrest made them bowl ready, which is good. Maybe one day they'll do something in the Coastal division one day. I know they're a powerhouse in basketball, but a school can't be really good in basketball & football, unless they're Florida State.

6. Wake Forrest Demon Deacons (5-3)
They must be untouchable, because no matter if they win or lose, their position doesn't change. But, they've got a lotta loses left on their schedule. So, they're gonna finish 3rd in the Atlantic division.

7. Virginia Cavaliers (5-3)
After they somehow pulled it out against Miami, I'm starting to think that The U's never gonna be as good as they were back in the '80s. Maybe Virginia's trying to get outta the shadow of VT. Well they're never gonna be the top team up there. VT owns them

8. Miami Hurricanes (4-4)
Now why are they not so good anymore? Is it because the dolphins are even worse then them? I don't know anymore, the Criminals aren't so beastly anymore. Well they're not even criminals anymore, are they even Miami anymore?

9. N. Carolina State Wolfe Pack (4-4)
Everyone said "Florida State made it look easy against NC State." Well, you don't have to make it look easy, if it is easy. The Pack is down right bad this year. In 2000, they went 9-0, which leads me to believe they cheated that year. Maybe they need a new name? I don't know, are they just bad?

10. Duke Blue Devils (3-5)
You've gotta try to lose to Duke, VT tried, but Duke's too bad to beat them Hokies. I don't see how bad they can get, from starting out 3-0, to going 3-5, they're the worst football team in the Coastal Division

11. Boston College Eagles (2-6)
I liked the idea of a BC-Maryland game, it would let us know who the worst team in the ACC is, & the results are: the worst team in the ACC is: Maryland! I knew that the Eagles couldn't stay in last, & they've finally done it! Congratulations!

12. Maryland Terrapins (2-6)
How bad can one team get? They went from 2nd in the Atlantic division last year, to dead last. I bet it's because no one knows what a terrapin is! Why did they use some wordd no one knows? Why just not call them the turtles?

Come back next week for week 10 power rankings!

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