Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Top 10 College Football Rivalries

10. The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry: Georgia—Auburn

This is one of Georgia's many rivalries. It seems like this should be Georgia—Alabama. Auburn leads series 54—53—8

9. Civil War: Oregon—Oregon State

Each Year these two great teams compete for the platypus trophy (left.) A lot of years Oregon needs a win to go to the Pac 12 championship & Oregon State needs a win to become bowl eligible. Oregon leads series 46—43—6

8. Florida State—Miami

The two ACC powers meet each year in a different stadium. I think it should be played in Orlando. Miami leads series 31—25

7. Army—Navy Game

The game between the two oldest branches of the forces. Nick named: "America's Game." Navy leads series 55—49—7

6. Florida—Florida State

The only game that matters every where in Florida except Miami. Florida leads the series 33—21—2

5. Harvard—Yale

The two best Ivy-League colleges, & the oldest rivalry in football. Yale leads the series 65—55—8

4. Florida v. Georgia Football Classic

The every lasting war between UGA & UF. Georgia leads the series 48 or 47—40—2

3. The Red River Rivalry: Oklahoma—Texas

The most known rivalry in college football, & the biggest. Texas leads the series 59—42—5

2. Iron Bowl: Auburn—Alabama

Auburn & Alabama don't need to worry about winnging 6 games, they're always gonna play in the biggest bowl they'll every play in every week 13. Alabama leads the series 41—34—1

1. Clean, Old-Fashion Hate: Georgia—Georgia Tech

These two teams could care less if they're 1—11 the whole year, as long as that 1 win comes against the other. Georgia leads the series 62—39—5

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