Sunday, January 1, 2012

Peyton Manning v. Tom Brady v. Aaron Rodgers

These three quarterbacks are considered to be the best in the game. People disagree on which one is best, so I'm here to end it!

Tom Brady plays for the best team in NFL history: the New England Patriots. The Patriots are better then all other teams, & their quarterback is one the best, but not the best. Why? When Brady was out after the 16—0 season, the Patriots went 11—5, meaning the Patriots are a good enough team to function without their best player. If a QB is gonna be the best in the league he's gotta be a AMAZING player that makes a sub-par team look like a Super Bowl team.

Aaron Rodgers is an exceptionable quarterback, but he's more of an average quarterback with an above-average team to make him look a lot better then he is. In week 17 Packers—Lions, Green Bay's 2nd-string quarterback looked better then him.

Peyton Manning is one of two quarterbacks in the league whose team can't function without him: Matt Ryan + Atlanta Falcons & Peyton Manning + Indianapolis Colts, but the difference is without Ryan the Falcons are probably an 8—8 team while without Manning the Colts ARE a 2—14 team. Without Manning the Colts can't do a thing. Manning calls the plays, changes the plays at the line, & changes the changes, while Jim Caldwell makes suggestions.

With all of that said I'll have to go with Manning, who did you go with? Answer in comments!

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  1. 3 championships, enough said. Tom brady.