Monday, May 21, 2012

MLB Power Rankings (May 21st 2012)

1. LA Dodgers (28—13)
19—4 at home is amazing. Which is why they're first.

2. Baltimore Orioles (27—15)
I'm surprised. I never though I'd see this team with a winning record. Ever. But Adam Jones looks like he might  have his first ±30 home-run season.

3. Atlanta Braves (26—16)
I guess the Braves look good. They're first in the division, but had that grounder not hit the runner at Tampa Bay, they'd have lost. But inter-league doesn't count. This series against the Reds won't be easy, though.

4. Texas Rangers (26—16)
Josh Hamilton & Elvis Andrus look good right now. If they always look this good Texas might go to the World Series for the third straight year.

5. Tampa Bay Rays (25—17) 
They were 13—3 on their homestand, but they dropped three outta the last five. Also Jeff Keppinger seems like he's on his way to the DL.

6. Washington Nationals (24—17)
Bryce Harper looks awesome, J. Zimmermann's pitching looks better than his record says.

7. St. Louis Cardinals (22—19)
The Cards defense & health is getting worse. There are a lot of players on STL's  DL.

8. Toronto Blue Jays (23—19)
The Jays are getting better & better. They look great.

9. Cleveland Indians (23—18)
They just lost a series at home against the Marlins. But they did have four straight wins against the Twins & Mariners.

10. Miami Marlins (22—19)
This team has six different colors! Why so many? Anyway, they just won that series against the Indians. Awesome.

11. Cincinnati Reds (21—19)
The Reds just won a series at Yankee Stadium, but they've got a tough series against the Braves coming up. The Red & Black are gonna have a time against America's team. I'm gonna watch the entire series, & not because Atlanta is my favorite NL team.

12. NY Yankees (21—20)
Having dropped five of their last seven, they're really cold right now. They just aren't getting hits.

13. SF Giants (21—20)
Matt Cain is great at home (1.85 ERA,) but bad on the road (4.42 ERA)

14. Philadelphia Phillies (21—21)
Jake Diekman has struck out of the first 13 batter he's faced. They need it.

15. NY Mets (22—19)
Dickey's given up eight home-runs in his eight starts. EPIC FAIL.

16. Chicago White Sox (21—21)
The Sox got back to .500 with their sweep of the Cubs. But sweeping the Cubs isn't that hard.

17. Boston Red Sox (20—21)
In his last two starts, Beckett has gone 2—0 with a .61 ERA.

18. Detroit Tigers (20—21)
On Sunday, Max Scherzer struck out 15 of the 26 batters he faced. He became the fourth pitcher to do so since 1918.

19. Oakland Athletics (21—21)
Wait, what?! The A's are at .500?! I never dreamed that the Oakland Athletics would ever be anywhere near .500, let alone at it. This is unbelievable the A's & O's both at or above .500, I can't beLIEve it.  

20. Pittsburgh Pirates (19—22)
I don't have anything to say. This team is just bad.

21. Arizona Diamondbacks (19—23)
They took two out of three from the Royals pushing them over .500 on the road.

22. LA Angels (18—24)
The Angels just might be the most boring team in baseball. Splitting with Oakland & Chicago wasn't good, but losing a sweepable series to San Diego is just unbelievable. The time for the Angels to sink of swim is coming, & swim doesn't look too probable. 

23. Seattle Mariners (19—24)
I really can't think of anything to say. Nothing at all...

24. Houston Astros (18—23)
If they can't even make it work now, do they think it'll be any easier in the AL? When they do get the lead, they keep it, but that's not very often.

25. Milwaukee Brewers (17—24)
Many of their players are below average, just like this team.

26. KC Royals (16—24)
They've been out scored 84 to 122 at home. 

27. Colorado Rockies (15—25)
They're 4—14 in may, pushing them to last in the NL west.

28. Chicago Cubs (15—26)
Six game losing streak FTL(oss)

29. San Diego Padres (16—26)
Most players on the DL says it all.

30. Minnesota Twins (14—27) 
This is just pathetic. Joe Mauer has only hit one home-run.

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