Thursday, July 5, 2012

Top Five Color Combinations for Sports Teams

Honorable Mention. Gold/Black/Orange
Best Example(s)

Anaheim Ducks

5. Black/Yellow (or Gold)
Best Example(s)

Not Georgia Tech

Pittsburgh Pirates 


4. Orange/Blue 
Best Example(s) 

Denver Broncos 


3. Red/White/Blue 
Best Example(s) 

Toronto Blue Jays 


Atlanta Braves 


2. Gold/Garnet/White 
Best Example(s)  

Florida State


Phoenix Coyotes  

1. Red/Black/White 
Best Example(s)  

Carolina Hurricanes 




  1. Well, I wish I could agree with your choices. The Coyotes are bland, the Ducks are just bad, and the Canes are a mess. Portland Graphic Design

    1. i know, but even though red & black is my favorite, i just can't find a team w/ red & black that i like. the canes in fact r the only red & black team i don't hate.

      as for the ducks i like the gold + orange & black kinda got thrown in there. they're the only team i can find w/ gold & orange.

      for the coyotes i like the all "garnet" jerseys.