Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NCAA Football Week 3 Recap & AJ's Top 25

Originally, I was gonna do my ACC power rankings again, but after three weeks of NCAA football, it's clear that the ACC is horrible this year, so I think would lose viewers by doing that. Instead, I will do power rankings of what I think the top 25 should look like. Normally, I will be posting this on Sunday & then the NFL fantasy report on Tuesday, but I got lazy. So, let's start!

My Top 25:

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (3—0)
It's hard to put anybody else first at this point. The Tide has that tough SEC schedule, but their still three & zero. Their impressive wins over Michigan, Western Kentucky, & Arkansas just make it harder to rank them anything but first. 'Bama gets to kill FAU next week, so it looks like another week of Alabama dominance coming up.

2. LSU Tigers (3—0)
LSU is in the same situation as Alabama: they're a SEC West team with a hard SEC schedule, whose undefeated. The fact that Alabama is the National Champion gives them a leg up on the Tigers though. Another reason the Crimson Tide is ahead of LSU is their schedule. While 'Bama has played the likes of Michigan, W. Kentucky, & Arkansas, LSU has played N. Texas, Washington, & Idaho, three painfully average teams.  LSU will have its first "test" of the year next week at Auburn, but the Tigers should have that one.

3. Oregon Ducks (3—0)
The type of numbers Oregon's put up is insane. All you need to know is that in their first three games they've put up 162 points. Granted, they've only played Arkansas State, Fresno State, & Tennessee Tech, all at home. But Oregon's scheduling is a little weird: the play almost no one, then at USC, at Cal, then at home versus Stanford. Why they would put the three toughest teams on their schedule back to back to back, I don't know, but those three teams all have a legit chance of beating the Ducks, & Oregon should watch out so they don't do like FSU did last year.

4. Florida State Seminoles (3—0)
Florida State's put up beast numbers this year. in their first three games they've put up 176 points & haven't allowed a single touchdown, but then again the best team they've played so far has been Wake Forrest. Florida State is my team, & you all know that, they've scored more, & allowed less points than Oregon, so why did I put the Ducks ahead of FSU? Three letters: ACC. The ACC is horrible this year, adding Notre Dame, Syracuse, & Pittsburgh is a very good idea, considering ACC football is at an all time low now. At first I thought the Virginia Tech-Florida State game would determine the ACC champion, but after that loss to Pittsburgh I'm not sure. This week's Florida State Seminoles game will determine which ACC team is legit, as they will probably go 12—0 considering how bad the ACC this year. Week three was an epic fail for the ACC with Virginia Tech & Maryland both falling to Pittsburgh & UConn, both teams of the lowly Big East. It's horrible that perfectly good teams like Florida State & Clemson are forced to stay in a horrible conference. A conference whose poster school is Duke, a school where basketball is king, & no other sports exist. If I were FSU & Clemson, I would pay up to anything to get out of the ACC.

5. Oklahoma Sooners (2—0)
The fact that this team has two byes puzzles me, but it doesn't take away from the fact that they're good. Their next game is almost impossible to lose. Even though they play a perfectly in check Kansas State team, they're a home, & Oklahoma has the longest home winning streak of any team. OU looks good so far, but we've only seen a little bit of them, they don't even have their first true test until week seven at Texas.

6. South Carolina Gamecocks (3—0)
I like Carolina, unlike other SEC East teams, they schedule games against only the best SEC teams, so they will have a true test, they don't just stay in the SEC East to stay up in the division. They're focused more showing their strength than getting to the SEC Championship, only to be blown out. USC has their toughest test so far next week, against Mizzou, it's a game I think Carolina can win though, since they're at home.

7. Georgia Bulldogs (3—0)
Beware of the bandwagon. The more I watch UGA, the more I don't like them: their team isn't that good, their fans are arrogant, & they schedule mostly SEC East teams, with the only SEC West teams being Ole Miss & Auburn. I can't wait until 10/6/12 when they lose at South Carolina.

8. Stanford Cardinal (3—0)
Stanford goes into the bye after a statement win over USC last week. They proved they where legit, that unlike the Colts they know how to rebuild after losing the best player. Even though I'd love to Stanford win the National Championship, there's a few road blocks: at Notre Dame, at Cal, at Oregon, at UCLA, it isn't going to be easy, winning the Pac-12 isn't easy, they couldn't even win their division last year, & the had Luck then. It isn't gonna be easy, but I think Stanford has a legit chance of winning the Pac-12 if they play the way they did against USC.

9. West Virginia Mountaineers (2—0)
West Virginia made me mad early this year when they dropped Florida State, but it doesn't really matter. WV probably would've been ranking ahead of Stanford if they'd have beat FSU, but even if they wouldn't have dropped them, Florida State would have still won.

10. Clemson Tigers (3—0)
The ACC isn't kind to Clemson & Florida State. They're the only two legit National Championship contenders in the ACC, but the conference's divisional alignment makes the two play each other, crushing one's dreams. This year, I think Florida State'll take it, the Noles only lose to the very best at home.

11. Notre Dame Irish (3—0)
The ACC finally gets a member set on football, they finally get a school that is 100% football, but it's not Notre Dame. Notre Dame is only kinda in the ACC in football, they will play five ACC gams a year, but they're still technically independent. So the ACC will not rebuild in football anytime soon. But enough of that, Notre Dame has the toughest schedule in the NCAA, check it out. No team on that schedule is a nobody, they're all FBS teams, in legit conferences. Notre Dame's huge win at Michigan State really helps them, but Michigan won't be a push over either.

12. Texas Longhorns (3—0)
I'm always puzzled by Texas. They can go from 12—0 to 7—5 in a heart beat, & I don't know why. Their schedule doesn't change (majorly), so what's the problem? Are they that inconstant? I don't know, or care.

13. Kansas State Wildcats (3—0)
Missouri State, Miami, & N. Texas aren't that good, but they still won, that's all that matters. They won't win next week though, they're playing at Oklahoma. I watched them blow out Miami, but that's it, I don't really know what to say about them.

14. USC Trojans (2—1)
Stanford is a legit team, & there's no shame in losing to them. USC is still good, just because they won't be winning a National Championship doesn't mean they won't win the Rose Bowl, or Cotton Bowl. Don't doubt USC just yet.

15. Florida Gators (3—0)
There are teams in the NCAA that don't deserve to be undefeated, & UF is one of them. Barely beating Bowling Green, getting luck against Texas A&M, & beating a bad Tennessee team doesn't make you good, which Florida isn't. The Gators haven't played a SEC East contender yet, & it's just gonna be amazing when they play LSU.

16. Ohio State Buckeyes (3—0)
The 'Eyes haven't played much yet, but they're still good. The game at Michigan State will be their toughest challenge of the year, & I don't they can withstand the Spartans. But that's just me.

17. TCU Horned Frogs (2—0)
The Froggers haven't played many good teams yet. The best team was Kansas, which the only beat 20—6, not a very big blow out. In fact, TCU doesn't play a very good team until week nine at Oklahoma State. TCU isn't gonna be a National Championship Contender like it has been in the past, but they'll still be good.

18. Michigan Wolverines (2—1)
Michigan isn't very good this year. They've only played one legit team so far: Alabama, who blew them out. They only beat Air Force 31—25, & they were in Ann Arbor. That's pretty bad.

19. UCLA Bruins (3—0)
Beating Nebraska isn't easy, but UCLA got it done. The Bruins have a sorta easy schedule, with the toughest team being Stanford or USC. Their next game versus Oregon State should be a push over. But you never know, Nebraska should have edged this team, but they didn't.

20. Michigan State Spartans (2—1)
MSU looks to rebound after their lose to Notre Dame against E. Michigan in Sparta. Spartans looked good in every game except against Notre Dame where they got just a lowly field goal. Losing to Notre Dame isn't that bad though, & the Spartans are still good. Plus their logo is green, which is my favorite color.

21. Louisville Cardinals (3—0)
Louisville may be 3—0, but they haven't played anybody. The best teams they've played so far is UNC, who doesn't care about football. In fact, they don't seem to play anybody. Plus, why is their stadium named after Papa John's? Their basketball arena is the "KFC YUM! Center." Could you stop with the fast food?

22. Arizona Wildcats (3—0)
How this team blew out Oklahoma State I don't know, but they're in for it next week, at Oregon. This team isn't very good, & they'll always be in Arizona State shadow. Just quit now.

23. Nebraska Cornhuskers (2—1)
This plan N for a logo isn't cutting it, & neither is losing to UCLA. The 'Huskers don't have a real challenge again until week six at Ohio State. I also would like to point this out: the Big 10 has 12 teams & the Big 12 has 10 teams, that makes a lot of sense. Just thought I'd point that out.

24. Mississippi State Bulldogs (3—0)
Three & zero doesn't mean much when the best team you've played is Auburn. The 'Dogs don't even play a good team until week nine at Alabama, & then week eleven at LSU. Now that I think about it, Mississippi State has a really good chance to go 10—2.

25. Ohio Bobcats (3—0)
Impressive wins against Penn State & New Mexico State put this team in the top 25 barely. Their schedule doesn't look that tough either, but then again, this is the MAC, so all these teams are on Ohio's level. I actually think the Bobcats should run away with the MAC title, & might even have a .00001% chance at making a BCS bowl, which is pretty high for a MAC team.

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