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Best Logo In Each MLB Team's History Two

As I look back on my previous post, I think, "I really made a mistake not putting that logo on that list," or "If I'd have known that that logo existed I'd have put it on there." So I'm gonna re-write it. I'm gonna leave the original one up though, because I don't feel like re-writing some of my rants. So here it is!

Baltimore Orioles:
The O's logo I used for the last one I had to settle for. I was in a hurry when I was writing & didn't have time to look through all their alts. Now that I've got a lot of time for this re-write, I noticed this gem hidden in the sea of alts. The bird in this logo is just amazing & it's even better than this fan made logo I love so much. Great job Baltimore, just wish they'd have kept it.

Boston Red Sox:
I really wanted to find a better one, I really did, but logos just aren't one of Boston's strong points. So this'll have to do for now.

Chicago White Sox:  
Why I didn't put this in the last post I'll never know, but this is an amazing logo. The big block letters SOX are completely unnecessary & shouldn't be there, but I've seen this logo without them, & for some reason I like it better with them there. Not much makes sense in this logo, the team's the WHITE Sox & it's red & blue, SOX is printed twice, & there's no socks anywhere near this logo, but it's the best logo this franchise's ever had. 

Cleveland Indians:  
The Indians have stayed with tradition throughout the years. As logo as most people can remember, Chief Wahoo has been their primary logo, & it should be forever. 

Detroit Tigers: 
This logo was in a very close battle with this one. The D is a very nice design, & making it orange is amazing, but the tiger in this one just adds 10 billion awesome points, which beats the orange one's 9.99 billion by a little. To bad this logo had to go, though. 

Kansas City Royals: 
I was gonna use this for the other one, but at the last second I made the decision that since I couldn't confirm that this was a real Royals logo at one time, I scraped it. Once again, I could have just looked it up on, I was short on time. This logo is much different from most Royals logos because it doesn't have the KC or the crown. Even though I think the KC is amazing, putting the awesome circle around the Royals makes up for it. Real mistake by not making this the primary. 

LA Angles: 
Take a cap insignia, put a circle around it, it's awesome. Your standard stuff. 

Minnesota Twins: 
One of the few times when taking the circle away makes it better. Another thing, win is underlined, which is something they don't do. 

New York Yankees: 
I like the Yankees' primary, but hate the hat, so this one is perfect for me. 

Oakland Fails: 
All hail the circle! 

Seattle Mariners: 
Another logo I had no idea it existed until a short time ago, this is a great logo. The compass baseball, blocky MARINERS font, everything about this logo is awesome. 

Tampa Bay Rays: 
Please see last post for rant about this franchise. BTW it seems I over looked a re-colored form of the Devil Rays old sleeve logo. Which means the new rays are indeed sting rays, not rays of light. 

Texas Rangers: 
For some reason, I over looked this logo in my last post. The diamond with the star on top of it is awesome, then putting the circle on top of it is an awesome overhaul. Amazing job Texas, horrible job replacing it. 

Toronto Blue Jays: 
I wanted to use the maple leaf again. I also wanted to use the current primary again, but for some reason I had to use this. Maybe because they took the leaf & put a bird & ball on it, or maybe because they took the bird from the current primary & paired it with the leaf, but I love this logo. 

Arizona Diamondbacks: 
Few teams use purple in sports, even less use green, this team used both, & it's awesome. Whoever decided to change this didn't know what they were doing. 

Atlanta Braves: 
In the end, the fact that the crossed tomahawk logo said 1876 instead of 1871 annoyed me to no end, so I had no choice but to change my pick. I don't really like the Braves font, but I like the shade of red & blue. 

Chicago Cubs: 
With to bear teams, in the same city, with the same colors, I think the Cubs should re-design their C to look more like the Bears'. But I don't decide that, & the chances that that will happen are slim to none, considering the Cubs owners want to keep their losing tradition. 

Cincinnati Reds: 
See Chicago, this is how you design a C. 

Colorado Rockies: 
The Rockies aren't very good at making logos, & the fact that this is their best logo should make that apparent. 

Houston Astros: 
Another logo I didn't existed until after I posted my last post, this logo is just phenomenal. It's the best of the old & the new. The rainbow is just amazing, the shooting star going through the fifty is epic, & the brick red star at the bottom is pure epicness. When Houston re-brands itself in the off-season, I'd really consider replacing the fifty with a solid, block H & making this the primary (change the 1962 to SINCE & the 2012 to 1962.) Great job Houston, this is way better than the current primary, which (coming from me) means a lot. 

LA Dodgers: 
Your standard blue + silver awesomeness. 

Miami Marlins: 
Let me just re-state how much better this logo is than the old Florida Marlins stuff. This logo is so much newer, more colorful, shinier, more epic, prettier, & all around better. I will never understand why people hate the new Miami Marlins, Miami's logo set & jerseys, & home run sculpture, is awesome. 

Milwaukee Brewers: 
Baseball glove made out of a mb awesomeness. 

New York Mets: 
I hate the Mets, but this logo is pretty cool. 

Philadelphia Phillies: 
I like how the ball curves around the word Phillies. 

Pittsburgh Pirates: 
Circle=pure WIN. nuff said 

San Diego Padres:  
The circle is great, once again, but the SD is just average. The shade of blue could be better also, somewhere between navy & cyan doesn't work. 

San Francisco Giants: 
Circle + SF that kinda looks like FS + orange=extreme sleeve logo. 

St. Louis Cardinals: 
Please, I'm begging you St. Louis, make better logos, I don't even like this one that much but it's still the best. 

Washington Nationals: 
For some reason, neither the Expos circle logo, nor the Nats' can match this one. Even though they quit using this in 1991, it still looks extremely modern & just looks good. Great job Montreal, maybe you'll get a team back, if you do, I'll be a fan.    

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